Easy money - is it even real?

Bored Founder
Lukasz Charubin
December 9, 2022

Today’s topic will be interesting, especially to those who seem to deny cryptocurrencies' value. Is it even possible to obtain legal crypto assets free of charge? Well, some may say NO WAY and I say HELL YEAH! Let’s start to decode this magic now!

What is an airdrop?

First, let me tell you what we don’t call an airdrop. It is not some sort of scam or a money laundering method.

The most common use of Airdrop is providing kudos to early adopters (those who use a specific web3 solution at an early stage of the project). It’s a great way to promote a solution and attract an extensive amount of new users. 

Then why do people do Airdrops?  

In one word - promotion! Imagine you get a gift worth a few-months-salary out of nowhere! It’s obvious that most of you will be super excited and share this win on social media (is this a good idea? that’s a different topic but I always assume people who do so know what they are doing). This is where organic marketing kicks in! It does the trick and may attract loads of new users sign-ups while bringing a small and silent project to the size of a profitable giant!

Great! Will I know when it’s gonna happen?

The short answer is NOPE. Usually, these are not publicly announced (especially those that are worth a few thousand of dollars) however you might see a note on governance tokens somewhere in the documentation so read through the docs carefully :) You won’t have an exact date provided though so keep your eyes open. My advice is to start checking out the app at an early stage of development as it increases your chances for potential airdrops.

To try or not to try... There is no question!

There is one open question left - are airdrops always free of charge? Of course not! Some will not require any investments while others may need them. To use distributed applications in the world of web3 you will need some native token - ETH, Solana, MATIC, etc. 

Let’s be honest here - we are not able to get all the airdrops in the world, however, it does not mean we should stop trying!  A new, decentralized exchange is around the corner, we can invest $50 and, let’s say, make 10 transactions to test how it works - no one can guarantee how and if this will be profitable but it’s better to try than regret folks!